Hi all,

Mike here – welcome to my little “sex dolls” website! Since I’ve been buying and having fun with these beautiful ladies for years I  labeled myself as an “expert” in the field and decided to make this site. You probably have seen my collection on Twitter and know that I have many – from the old-school blowup kind of sex dolls to the newest and fanciest. So here in this site I will be posting about what my current favorite dolls are. I update the site as often as I get a new doll so pretty much every few months or so.

With this short preview out of the way let’s talk “business”. If you came here just looking for my current best sex doll – here she is – Linda from SexDollGenie.

Sex Doll LindaYou can see more pictures and details by clicking here

She is absolutely gorgeous isn’t she! I have the brown-haired, blue eyed tanned one with pink nail polish and let me tell you – she is fucking great! She is my third babe I bought from these guys and each and every one so far has been super special!

My older readers might remember that I used to write longer reviews of the sex dolls themselves but that is not very productive and honestly I don’t want to share this anymore, it’s kind of personal. So this time I’m going to write a little more about the company that makes these amazing ladies and why you should give them a try if you are looking for realistic love dolls.

When I look a for a new doll I like to buy them from companies that know what they are doing. I read forums, I read reviews , I check on FB, reddit and twitter – everything I can find.There’s just too many companies who think they can deliver good dolls but in reality they suck big time. I hate wasting time and money so researching is very important. I almost accidentally found out about Sex-Doll-Genie and after some research decided to give them a try. And with the money back grantee there’s close to no risk anyways. They checked all my usual requirements:

  • Lifetime repairs
  • Huge collection
  • Using only high quality and safe materials including medical grade silicone and TPE
  • Many customization options – a MUST in my book
  • Good customer support
  • Payment plans and good prices
  • Free shipping
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Accepting crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and others
  • Price match if needed
  • Reasonable deliver times

Added bonus was that this is not some soulless corporation but a husband and wife teem. I chatted with Janet, the owner, a couple of time and after she politely answered all my probably very annoying questions I finally got sure enough this will be “The One”. My first doll from them was the “Kassanda” model and than I got Bella and now as I said before – Linda. All 3 are just the best dolls money can buy and they look and feel super realistic. I am very happy so far with SDG and most likely my next doll will be again from them.

That’s about it for now guys, enough writing – time to take care and have fun with my ladies! If you want to get a super realistic doll at a good price from a company you can trust:

Click Here to Visit SexDollGenie For All The Details and Check Their Catalog


Sex Dolls

A little about this site and why I set it up. Read on if you feel like it, no offence if you just came here to see who my latest favorite sexy babe is (posted above) and skip this section.

Why Sex Dolls and what exactly are they?

A sex doll is the ultimate in simulated sex, they are much more realistic than a hand held masturbation device such as a Fleshlight. Most dolls are made with a realistic lifelike material so they feel as near to the real thing as possible.

The love dolls I am reviewing on this website vary from the cheap blow up dolls of years gone by to the newest,  very realistic sex dolls which provide a very real simulated sex sensation. The new dolls have realistic features and fleshy openings that are often more sexually pleasing than the real thing!

There is a wide range of sex dolls available on the market and I set up this site to help people like you decide what love doll to purchase by providing in-depth reviews of the products so that you can make an informed decision before making your investment. I constantly search many websites online to find the cheapest place to buy each of the products and this is listed in the doll reviews I write.

In short a sex doll is the most realistic masturbation experience you will find, and although some of these dolls can be quite expensive, they are a great investment and will serve you well for many years.

I hope you find the reviews on this website useful!

It should go without saying but still – this website is for adult only 18 years and older. If you are not of this necessary age please leave ASAP by closing the tab or by clicking on this link. To the folk who are of the necessary age – have fun reading!