About This Website

Hi guys and gals,

My name is Mike and I’ve started this website back in 2014. Thru the years I did post most (if not all) of the sex dolls that I owned and wrote reviews what i like and dislike about them. The purpose of my website here is simple – to help YOU find your next most favorite sex doll! I buy sex dolls fairly regularly and when i get some free time I post me experiences with these beautiful ladies and the companies that made them here.

I started buying sex dolls around 2008. I had no wife or girlfriend at the time and these babes were super helpful in many ways. Now I’m happily married to my beautiful bride Megan but luckily she is into sex dolls too:) We play together and the feeling is like no other. Don’t get me wrong, when I was single and playing with them by myself I had a ton of fun, but doing it now with the wify – it’s unbelievable!

I’ve owned (and still do!) all kinds of sex dolls – from old school blowup dolls to the newest and latest extremely realistic sex doll that are now available on the market. Sex dolls can be expensive and I’ve made this website to hopefully help you make a good decision! You can read about my thoughts about the different sex doll I played with  in the previous pages – use the navigation menu on the left side to see my older posts.

Important note – I am in no way claiming to be an “expert” or anything like that! I don’t think there is even such a thing:) I’m only sharing my personal experiences and if you happen to need a review or a guide on the topic of “sex dolls” I’m hoping my site will be of some help. Also have in mind that some of the links posted here are what you can call affiliated. This mean that if you end up buying something from the third-party websites I have links to I should be paid a commission. At first all my links were regular but after a few years I was like “What the heck, let’s see if I can make a few bucks to pay for the webhosting and the domain”. This does NOT mean that if I bought a bad sex doll I will not post it! Look up my older reviews – some are quite not flattering to the manufacturers and they didn’t like them even one bit! I got multiple emails and tweets to take these down but as you can see – they are still here:)

So I try to be as objective as I can and my goal is to give you my personal experience. As with many things – your mileage may vary. You can be super happy with a sex doll I didn’t enjoy and vice versa. That’s why I’m not claiming anything and post my own views.

Anyways – thanks a lot for visiting and hope my little “sex dolls” website will be beneficial to you in some way!

Cheers, have fun and always treat them right!