Akiko Sex Doll

I am between lovers right now, mostly due to being transferred to a very small town by my job. The pickings are right slim where I ended up. Wanking it twice a day was getting old, in a hurry!

While unpacking I found a blow up doll that a mate had given me as a gag gift one birthday, and I have to admit that one night after a few pints I gave it try. I tried my best to give “her” a good shag, but after a few strokes I gave up and went back to my hand for results.

The next night, out of frustration, I did some digging on-line for something, anything, that was like a blow-up doll but NOT a blow-up doll. I didn’t want to feel like I was fucking something that they put my groceries in at the market.

Akiko Sex Doll

That’s when I found the website for the  Plush Sex Dolls . First off, let me say that I had heard about dolls like the Sexy Babes before but never bothered to look into them. I was fascinated by what I saw. These were not blow up dolls! These were like works of art!

Teddy Babes Plush Dolls are, well, to put it blunt, fuckin’ hot. I checked out each model before I made my choice. I have a thing for oriental girls, so I went with “Akiko”, though I had twelve others to choose from, including a vampire!

A few days later I got my delivery and I was blown away. My expectations had been limited to what it was going to be like to fuck my new Plush Doll. I didn’t realize what else I had in store. Every  Plush Doll comes dressed in sexy lingerie, which I had kind of dismissed in my mind as “cute”, but the way my “Akiko” looked in the sexy garters and stockings was amazing. Her arse was breath taking, and I couldn’t help but indulge in some spanking fantasies. Now here’s the thing, spanking my  Plush Doll’s bum was JUST LIKE spanking a real one. It didn’t hurt that Akiko was bendable (a wire frame beneath her exterior makes her very easy to pose in many positions). These dolls aren’t made of plastic. The  Plush Dolls are made of a material that feels as close to a real girl as I have felt in a long time!

Akiko’s cunny felt like a velvet glove when I finally got around to fucking her (OK…I admit that I took my time posing her and exploring all the ways that I could play with her tits and arse, let alone wrapping her fingers around my cock because, yeah, you can do that too!).

The  Plush Dolls have an insert that goes into their pussy. This insert is as tight as any pussy I have ever shagged. It was a bit humbling how quickly Akiko made me cum. I was admittedly pent up, so I came a lot more than I expected. Fortunately the insert is easily reversible for cleaning.

I actually spent the night with my  Plush Doll. Not that I meant to cuddle. I just passed out after breaking her in. Still, I didn’t mind having her next to me in bed. At 5 ft. 4 inches, and less than twenty pounds, the Babes Plush Dolls are as easy to snuggle with as they are to hide away (though I did have a mind to leave her out on my sofa…she looked as natural sitting there as she did on all fours!).

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have fucked my Babe, let alone the number of positions that I have put her in while doing so. I do know that I have enjoyed every time with her though, much more than the night that I was so pissed that I actually spent the time and effort to try my way with the blow-up doll that I had (I almost passed out that night, not from the pints but from blowing through the bloody tube to get the damn thing firm enough to shag).