Exotic sex doll

My wife and I are pretty adventurous when it comes to sex. We’ve dabbled in all kinds of role play, and have usually found a way to bring our fantasies to life. The one thing that we haven’t been able to do yet is have a threesome with another woman. The idea of doing it sends us both into orbit, but she is shy about having her first sexual experience with another gal.

She has always had a thing for a certain oriental actress, and we’ve talked about how hot it would be for her to be underneath me while I fucked said actress, running her tongue over my balls and the oriental girl’s clit. We’ve played with this fantasy so many times that we decided to try to find a way to live it out. She was the one who came up with a perfect solution: a sex doll. That way there would be no embarrassment on her part, and we could both have a new toy to play with, either together or on our own. We spent an hour or so looking around before we found the Penthouse Exotic & Erotic Sex Doll. This was a sex doll that more than lived up to its name, with exotic features, including realistic black hair, a skin tone that mirrors the Far Eastern look of our fantasy actress and two willing holes for us both to play with!

We ordered our own PEE Sex Doll that night, and when I got home from work a few days later, “Lucy” (the name my wife gave her) was already unpacked and waiting. My wife blushed when she told me how she had already gotten our new friend’s pussy wet for me with her mouth. She was in such a hurry to see me fucking that wet pussy that she didn’t even let me ask how her first time with a “woman” had felt.

We took our Sex Doll into the bedroom, and started on our first threesome. “Lucy” has two very fuckable holes, both made of CyberSkin. We’ve played with CyberSkin toys before, and nothing beats how realistic that stuff feels. There are two sleeves, one for the doll’s arse and one for her pussy. We inserted the sleeve into the Sex Doll’s arsehole (my wife, as I said, had already played with her pussy), and applied some good water based lube to my cock. My wife got underneath the doll, in a 69 position, and reached up to finger the tight little arsehole over her face, getting it loosened up for me, before guiding me inside of “Lucy”. Between the tightness, my wife’s breath on my balls and the excitement of having another woman in bed with us, it didn’t take long for me to climax. I stayed hard though, as I watched my wife place her mouth around the doll’s well fucked arsehole.

Exotic Sex Doll


Since that first time, my wife and I have played with our Sex Doll at least once a week. When business takes me out of town, my wife happily packs the PEE Sex Doll’s CyberSkin removable pussy in my overnight bag. She loves having phone sex with me as I am fucking our exotic friend in a hotel. She’ll send me pictures of the doll’s black hair between my wife’s legs as she fucks the dolls lifelike mouth.

The fact that there are two holes to share means that my wife and I are able to play together even when we aren’t really together. She has also had the doll’s tits in her mouth and fingers in her pussy. I have just sat and watched her indulge in her bi fantasies several times, which has proven to be just as erotic as joining in.

We have both had so much fun playing with our Sex Doll that the reluctance on my wife’s part to try for a real threesome has eroded. We finally looked for and found a woman who was willing and eager to play with us. She wasn’t oriental, but she more than made up for it. After two times, my wife blushingly told her about our doll. That night I got to watch an all female three-way, as our new playmate strapped on a cock and fucked my wife as she ate out our PEE Sex Doll’s pussy. We have all agreed that “Lucy” is one of the best investments we have ever made!