Jenna Jameson Sex Doll

Ever wanted a toss in the hay from Jenna Jameson?

All right, silly question. I don’t know many men, a few gay men included, who would pass up the chance to have Jenna Jameson’s pussy anywhere near their cock, let alone wrapped around it!

Well good luck on making it happen, mate. The Queen of porn isn’t likely to be handing out blow jobs to the likes of us anytime soon. I know where you can get the next best thing though! The good folks over at Doc Johnson’s have outdone themselves with the Jenna Jameson Extreme Realistic Sex Doll.

The beautiful blond hair is there. The gorgeous face is there, including of course that mouth that you’ve seen wrapped around so many cocks. The fantastic double D tits are there. That soft, round bum is there, with those spreadable cheeks that reveal that tight little pink arsehole is there. And of course, the wettest, tightest, most fuckable pussy in the history of porn is there as well! Best sex doll ever!

I was smart enough to order the Jenna Jameson Realistic Sex Doll last month, after looking around at some of the other inflatable dolls on the market. I have been lusting over Jenna for over ten years, so when I saw what Doc Johnson had managed to create in her image, I didn’t hesitate for a second to make the order.

The Sex Doll is as close to the real deal as you can find anywhere! Her features are hand crafted from molds of all of her delectable features. The doll is a work of art if you ask me. The arse, tits and pussy are modeled from Jenna herself, and made from a material developed called UR3 (Ultra Realistic 3D). Whoever invented this stuff should get a Nobel Prize. It feels so much like the real thing that you’ll feel compelled to buy Jenna dinner after you shag her.

The Sex Doll is not like other inflatable dolls. Along with the careful detailing involved in recreating Jenna’s features, the doll’s head, feet and hands are weighted to present you with a variety of posing possibilities. She is constructed durably enough to accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight on her, so us heavier blokes don’t have to worry about crushing her, a problem that most inflatable dolls don’t address. Her head has a small compartment in the back where you can place a small wireless vibrating bullet. The sensation of the Realistic Sex Doll’s vibrating lips against my balls (and other regions of my body) convinced me right away that I had made a wise purchase.

Sex Doll Jenna

The UR3 material that makes up Jenna’s arsehole and cunny gripped me so tightly that it was hard (all puns intended) not to cum after just a few strokes. Both orifices are equipped with removable sleeves for easy cleaning. They even includes a bottle of their UR3 cleaning powder to help you maintain that “liker new” sensation even after numerous rounds in the sack, or wherever else you might want to have a go at her. The only room that I haven’t tried fucking my Sex Doll in yet is the loo, but I am going to give her a try in the shower soon (I admit, the sex doll is lifelike enough that I want to impress her by cleaning up the WC a bit before bringing her in there).

I’ve now used my  JJ sex doll often enough that I have been able to avoid climaxing after just a few minutes (for fuck’s sake, what man wouldn’t cum early and often with Jenna Jameson’s tight arse swallowing his willy?). Not only does that make for longer and more enjoyable sessions, but when I do have the chance to get laid by a real, breathing girl, I can last longer than I did in the past. This was an unexpected side effect of spending so many times in the sack with my sex doll, but one that I am very happy about!