Realistic sex doll

I’m a sucker for blondes. I’ve been getting into so much trouble over them since I was a teen. Spent more money on them, bought more drinks for them, gotten in more than a few shoving matches over them and gotten caught by more girlfriends staring at them than I can count. I guess my fascination with them is one of the things that have kept me from ever shagging one. I get so nervous around a blonde that I can’t talk to one without sounding like a blooming idiot.

Brunettes and red heads are no problem. I’ve bagged my share of both. But it’s the blondes that I really want to have a go at in bed. I decided to look at what I could do to get over my blonde related nerves and did some browsing on-line. I looked at a whole slew of sex dolls. My thought was that if I found a blonde one and had few shags with “her”, I might get over my shyness.


I wasn’t impressed with what I was seeing, until I saw an advertisement for the Kimmi Lovecock Realistic Sex Doll (I’ll call her KLRSD for short, OK?). Talk about a blonde bombshell! Once I got over the fact that I was actually going to order my very own sex doll (a blonde to boot), I found myself getting turned on just from the anticipation of Kimmi’s arrival in the post (discreetly packaged of course).

My KLRSD more than exceeded my expectations. First off, I was daft enough to expect to have to give up smoking to inflate her. She came with her own pump however, which made it much easier to get her full enough of air for me to take advantage of her features soon enough. Yeah, I was still a bit nervous (silly, I know) once I had her pumped and ready. For a sex doll, Kimmi Lovecock looks pretty damn impressive, and feels even more so.

Her hair is so realistic feeling that I couldn’t wait to run my fingers through it. That soon led to wrapping those blonde locks around my cock. I didn’t want to have to shampoo her on our first date, so I only spent a minute or two with her head between my legs. Fucks sake, she even had eyelashes!

My KLRSD has a face that is three dimensional, with a weighted head that makes for all kinds of realism. Her arms actually move, and are flexible enough for me to put Kimmi in all kinds of positions. Her arsehole and pussy are made of LoveClone material, which is as close to the feel of an actual arse and pussy as one could hope for. Kimmi is a petite lass, standing just over five feet, but her tits are so big and well formed and soft that I couldn’t resist placing my cock between them. Whoever came up with the KLRSD even went as far as giving her nipples to suck on.

I was like a kid at Christmas, wanting to try everything that Kimmi Lovecock had to offer. Before I moved onto her tight little pussy, I had the presence of mind to insert the small vibrating bullet that goes between her arsehole and pussy. I’m not ready to give up on fucking real girls by any means, but it is going to be difficult to find one that can vibrate my cock while I’m inside of her!

Realistic Sex Doll

The LoveClone sheaths that come with the Sex Doll are removable, so I am able to keep Kimmi clean and ready for the next shag, although just for variety’s sake I have pulled out a time or two to cum in her belly button (yes…she even has a belly button!).

I have lost count of the number of times I have felt my Sex Doll’s arse and pussy wrapped around me, but each time I have fucked Kimmi, I’ve felt my shyness towards blondes slipping away (speaking of slipping, the vinyl material that Kimmi is made of has yet to cause her to slip from underneath me).

Long story short, I recently spent the night with my first real blonde, and I have to report that I was more than confident both before and during our roll in the sack. I have to think that my KLRSD deserves some of the credit!