Sex dolls for women

As we discussed it before – the ladies do love having fun with sex dolls as well! Here I’m listing some of the more popular types of sex dolls for women

1.    John Holmes

Deluxe Realistic Doll Explore John’s sucking mouth, deep, tight butt and feel the power of his extra large vibrating penis. Considerably $220.94 

2.    Vibro Male Black Doll

Super Super hung black stud is all yours for the taking, with realistic vibrating penis for exotic sensations. Some come with detachable penis so this doll would typically cost anywhere from $77.99 to $323.87

3.    The Real Man

Ultra Realistic Penis and butt: A fully erect stiffened penis with a heavy base made of new Ultra Realistic material that feels so much like real skin you can hardly tell the difference!! Realistic Price at $292.49

4.    Construction Man

Two love passages and includes hefty 8″ dong. You’ll love his tool. Construction man will get the job done at a Cheap Price…….

Why buy dolls with detachable penis………..

An essential element to any sex doll with detachable penis is now available in more shapes and sizes. These are the most popular sex toys on the market because they  come in every possible shape, size and color. If you’ve desired it, chances are they’ve produced it. 

With a love doll detachable penis you will always find different shapes and colors, lets just say the try-before-you-buy approach doesn’t exist. It’s up to you to use your instincts and this guide to find the love doll that’s right for you.

Before you go out there and buy that first toy perhaps you should give some thought as to what turns your crank. Do you enjoy clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, or both? The next part is deciding which kind of love doll with detachable penis  will actually fulfill your desires.