What kinds of sex dolls are available on the market

1. Latex Lady

Latex fans, this lovely lady has a shin like feeling and a vibrating vagina and anus and real hair! This Love Doll is well made and will last you for years and does not break easily. This comes at a price, though: Love Dolls typically cost anywhere from $14.95 to $5,000.00

Super realistic sex doll

2. Alicia Rio – The Latin Bombshell

Put a little Latin Spice in your love life with a realistic Alicia Rio! Great for starters, considerably Latin Doll range from $45 to $149.95

3. Asian Princess Doll

Taste the sweet delights of the Orient as I use all of my Asian charms. Lots of good things are cheap.

4. Milk Maid Love Doll

This vibrating love doll has gigantic squirting breasts!! Hey I know the price of milk is going up and up. This option ranging from $145.00 to $250.00

For hetero and homosexual the rotation of the doll’s tongue gives the users a rare opportunity to experience a different side of their sexuality. Popular fantasies are brought to life as couples change their roles and inherit a new appendage along the way.

For couples, the draw of the love doll often has to do with exploring fantasy. For example, in a heterosexual couple, when the woman’s doing the penetrating, the power dynamic changes. The male takes on a submissive role while being penetrated. If you’re looking for a little role-play, the love doll just might be the trick.